Welcome on TeraGeek’s Build Sancuary Server

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Note: This server was previously known as « ProBuild »



  • Respect!
  • No spawn block, no prop push… just respect.
  • Build: no PvP


User (default group): Medium props restrictions, can’t noclip thourgh objects.
Mingebags (bad player): High restrictions
Trusted (You played some time here): Medium restrictions, acces to ulx !noclip, !goto commands
Epic Builder (Very good builder): Very low restrictions, !noclip, !goto
TeraGeek (Registered users): Very low restriction, !noclip !goto
Moderator: Can kick, bann, jail, and so on…
Admin: Can kick/ban, change user groups, changemap…
Super Admin: Can do everything, change limits and so on…
Owner: Same as Super Admin, but can mange them.

To get a promotion, show us that you’re a good builder.

Basic useful commands

  • Suicide => In your console: kill | You can also bind a key: bind k kill
  • Fly (Noclip) => Bind your desired key using your console: bind x « noclip »
  • Show this welcome message : => !motd in chat.


Join us via:
Our website: terageek.org
Our Discord: Discord
Our public Steam group

Owners: UltimateByte, Screwball